Our Philosophy and Services

Our Philosophy

The UWA Mediation Clinic is dedicated to providing excellence in the practice, research and teaching of mediation.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our dispute resolution process to your individual circumstances. We are determined to continue to learn as a team, to offer you the best in mediation service. Our ultimate aim is to assist you to resolve your conflict or dispute.

We work continuously to ensure we train our mediators to use an evidence-base to their practice to ensure they provide the process that is most likely to work for you in your situation. We work from a team-based mentalising approach, which means that we are all working to understand the needs of each client and his or her unique experience. It is a main priority within this process to ensure the service encourages future-focused self-determination and promotes harmony.

After meeting with you to formulate an individual plan, clinic staff will approach the other people involved in the conflict or dispute and meet with them to plan for their participation in the mediation process. Staff will then arrange a time that is mutually acceptable to all the parties to conduct the mediation. In some cases, more than one session will be required. Clinic staff will discuss this with you as the need arises and keep you informed at all times.

Our core mission is clear:

We work with our clients on both individual and team-orientated bases. Through this tailored approach, we aim to assist the communities in which we live and work to thrive.

Our Mediation Services

The UWA Mediation Clinic offers a tailored mediation service to help people to resolve University, family, and workplace conflict.

The UWA Mediation Clinic aims to provide options as to the best way to resolve conflicts. We work with a wide network of national and international specialists including, lawyers, barristers, practitioners and researchers from a variety of professional backgrounds to assist us with this.

The clinic offers free mediation, and may ask for participants consent to participate in the clinic’s research. All information collected is treated with respect and remains confidential.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to assist the UWA Mediation Clinic in its mission to resolve, research, and understand conflict.

AlumniUWA Staff, Students, and Alumni

Universities are unique workplaces. Conflicts can occur between students, staff, supervisors, researchers, professionals, and academic staff.

UWA is proud to offer all UWA staff and students a free mediation service through the Mediation Clinic. The mediation process is an independent and confidential base from which to promote a healthy University environment.

UWA is also proud to offer all UWA alumni a free mediation service through the Mediation Clinic - another example of UWA considering the needs of its alumni. The UWA Mediation Clinic offers assistance for alumni who are experiencing conflict in any aspect of their lives.

FamilyChildren's Court Referrals and VROs

The UWA Mediation Clinic prides itself on its evidence-based practice.

Our services for young people and their families is based on a mentalising approach which encourages perspective taking between all people involved.

We work closely with those impacted to encourage a way forward that aims to minimise future conflict.


WorkplacesWorkplaces, local government, and community groups

Conflict within the workplace can affect productivity, creativity and morale.

We work with people involved in workplace conflict to improve their communication and understanding. This can help to resolve the dispute and reduce the prospect for future conflict.

The UWA Mediation Clinic offers those who are experiencing conflict within the workplace an opportunity to resolve the conflict constructively in a safe and confidential environment.

Our Training Services and Research

The UWA Mediation Clinic is a leader in training, research, and program evaluation.

We offer a nationally accredited mediation course that is open to staff, alumni, community members, and professionals from any discipline.

We also offer a range of mediation skills and dispute resolution courses that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation or workplace.

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Need help?

The UWA Mediation Clinic is committed to working with you to assist and resolve your disputes so you can thrive in the community in which you live and work. If you have any conflicts or disputes, you can request mediation directly through us.

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