Children's Court-Referred Mediations

Mediation — How we help

If you have been referred by the Perth Children's Court, the Court will send your contact details to us.

We will be in touch with you, usually within 1-2 weeks, to organise a day and time to meet for a pre-mediation meeting.

This is a free service.

When we meet for the pre-mediation meeting

The pre-mediation meeting will be with you and your parent/guardian, or you on your own, either in person or on a video call (eg. Facetime, Zoom, Skype). In this meeting, we will talk about what has been happening for you in the situation. We will work out together whether mediation is suitable for you and, if so, what format it might take.

The mediators who will work with you

We take a co-mediator approach to mediation. This means that two mediators will be working together to assist you.

What happens in mediation

Mediation is essentially a talking process. The mediators will help you to have a conversation with the other person or people involved in the VRO application. We have found that when people are able to share their experiences, it leads to people understanding the situation better and coming up with ways to resolve the conflict. In the mediation process, you make your own decisions about how to move forward.The mediation usually takes about 1-2 hours, and the mediators will guide you through the process, which we will fully explain to you in the pre-mediation meeting.

Our Team

We work with mediators from a diverse range of backgrounds.

A/Professor Jill Howieson

Research with us

Jill Howieson, PhD (Law), LLB (Hons), BA (Hons) (Psych), BA (English) is an Associate Professor in the Law School at the University of Western Australia. Jill is the Director of the UWA Mediation Clinic and is the coordinator of the Negotiation and Mediation, and Dispute Resolution courses in the School.

Jill researches, practises and teaches in these areas, and is the co-author and author of numerous international and national dispute resolution, negotiation and mediation publications.

The UWA Mediation Clinic is a research-intensive clinic that offers free mediation services. The Clinic is currently conducting theoretically grounded research into mediating with family violence taking a mentalization-based treatment approach (MBT-M).

Dr Darren Moroney

Research with us

Darren works as a psychologist and academic, and is a nationally accredited mediator. Currently based in the University of Western Australia’s Mediation Clinic, Darren conducts mediations and training seminars. He is also undertaking research and evaluation projects with the aim of contributing to the evidence base for the field. As a practitioner, Darren has worked with a variety of clients across the lifespan utilising a mentalizing therapeutic framework.

As an academic, Darren has taught and coordinated units at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level within the Schools of Psychology and Public Health at Curtin University. He has also supervised numerous Masters-level Dissertations.

Emmelie Sparkes

Research with us

Emmelie is a Psychology Honours student with a particular interest in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Over the course of her working career she has gained experience in a variety of different support-focussed roles.

Emmelie is currently completing the NMAS course to become an accredited mediator.


We are able to offer this service for free because the UWA Mediation Clinic is premised upon building an evidence-based practice of mediation.

With your consent, we will be gathering data for our ongoing research at a few stages of the process.

Our goal is to improve mediation and dispute resolution practice for the community.