Application for UWA and National Mediation Accreditation     


Steps towards accreditation

  1. Attend the ADR4P training course of 38 hours duration;
  2. successfully complete the skills assessment as assessed by the Accreditation Committee; and
  3. successfully complete the reflective component as assessed by the Accreditation Committee.

Accreditation with UWA (and as a nationally accredited mediator)

  1. Successfully complete steps 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Provide evidence of good character and undertake to comply with ongoing practice standards and compliance with any legislative and approval requirements.
  3. Provide evidence of insurance (for UWA staff, employee status is sufficient, for others, evidence of indemnity insurance with a relevant body is sufficient, eg. Law Society etc).
  4. Mediators accredited by UWA secure UWA accreditation for two years from the date of the assessment.  For National Mediation Accreditation for two years, $150 fee is payable to UWA ($100.00 MSB).  Upon payment of the fee, UWA will send the mediator’s details and payment to the MSB for registration as a Nationally Accredited Mediator.  
  5. Accreditation with UWA entitles the mediator for inclusion on the UWA panel of mediators.  These mediators may be called upon to mediate UWA matters from time to time, or the RMAB may refer any external enquires to mediators on this panel.
Registration payment

Application for Re-Accreditation (NMAS)

Accredited mediators seeking renewal of accreditation with UWA must continue to meet the approval requirements set out in the Approval Standards, and within each two year cycle provide evidence to UWA that they have been conducting mediation and have engaged in continuing professional development as described below:

  1. Mediators must have conducted at least 25 hours of mediation, co-mediation or conciliation (10 hours in the case of a first renewal) within the two - year cycle.  Where a mediator has not met this requirement, UWA requires that the mediator attend appropriate training, coaching and/ or assessment.
  2. Mediators must engage in continuing professional development of at least 25 hours, which contributes to the knowledge, skills and ethical understandings, contained in the Practice Standards. This may be made up as follows:
    (a) participating in educational programmes, seminars or workshops (up to 20 hours);
    (b) attending conferences (up to 10 hours);
    (c) obtaining professional supervision or coaching of their mediation practice (up to 10 hours);
    (d) delivering presentations on mediation or related topics, including two hours of preparation time for each hour delivered (up to 10 hours)
    (e) providing professional supervision, assessment, coaching or mentoring of mediator trainees and mediators (up to 10 hours);
    (f) role-playing for trainee mediators and candidates for mediator assessment (up to 8 hours);
    (g) representing clients in four mediations (up to 2 hours per mediation).
  3. Where a mediator does not meet in full the requirements set out above due to health or carer circumstances or residence in non-urban or CALD communities, UWA requires alternative continuing professional development.
  4. Registration fee of $150 to UWA ($100.00 MSB) at the time of accreditation renewal
  5. A mediator must meet these requirements within two months of the due date for renewal of accreditation or their accreditation will lapse.

* These requirements are based on the revised Approval Standards, which are currently in draft form.

Re-accreditation payment

Further Information