UWA Mediation Clinic

Providing mediation services and training

  • graduateAccreditation, Training, and CPD

    We work closely with the UWA Law School to offer internationally recognised courses, including UWA and NMAS Mediation Accreditation, and a range of continuing professional development (CPD).

    Training and CPD
  • familyOur Philosophy and Services

    Conflict can have a detrimental impact on people. We work with people in conflict to improve relationships and communication, and can assist with any staff, student, workplace, or community group issues.

    Philosophy and Services
  • local communityResearch, Publications, and Impact

    The Clinic is premised upon building an evidence-based practice of mediation across a range of contexts. Research is conducted at each stage of the process, with the aim of positively impacting the practice of mediation in Australia.

  • workplacePartnerships and Collaboration

    The Clinic is dedicated to working closely with leading partners in Australia and across the world. We invite collaborators to actively work with us towards the common goal of improving mediation and dispute resolution practice.


Mediation services

The UWA Mediation Clinic offers tailored mediation services to help people to resolve staff, student, workplace, and community group conflict. We work with a wide network of national and international specialists, including lawyers, mediators, and researchers from a variety of disciplines, to ensure that the service we provide is exceptional.

Every member of UWA, whether student, staff or alumni, as well as the local community, should have access to conflict resolution assistance. I support the clinic as an addition to our community and its aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of mediation practice in Australia.

Professor Dawn FreshwaterVice-Chancellor

Need help?

The UWA Mediation Clinic is committed to working with you to assist and resolve your disputes so you can thrive in the community in which you live and work. If you have any conflicts or disputes, you can request mediation directly through us.

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