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Providing leading mediation services and training to staff, students and the community.

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Mediation services

The UWA Mediation Clinic offers a tailored mediation service to help people to resolve University, workplace, family and community conflict. We work with a wide network of national and international specialists including lawyers, mediators and researchers from a variety of disciplines to ensure the service that we provide is exceptional.

  • workplaceWorkplace

    Conflict within the workplace can affect performance and productivity. We work with people in workplace conflict to improve relationships and communication, and to resolve disputes.

  • familyFamily

    Conflict within a family can have a detrimental effect on everyone. We offer specialised mediation to assist with financial and property disputes, parenting plans and elderly issues.


  • local communityCommunity

    Mediation can help to resolve community disputes and maintain neighbourhood relationships. Neighbours and community members can use mediation to promote harmonious living.

  • universityUniversity

    At university, conflict can occur between students, professionals and academic staff. We use mediation to assist in conflict resolution and to promote a healthy university environment.


Every member of UWA, whether student, staff or alumni, as well as the local community, should have access to conflict resolution assistance. I support the clinic as an addition to our community and its aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of mediation practice in Australia.

Professor Dawn FreshwaterVice-Chancellor

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The UWA Mediation Clinic is committed to working with you to assist and resolve your disputes so you can thrive in the community in which you live and work. If you have any conflicts or disputes, you can request mediation directly through us.

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